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Holidays in Andros

Andros is the second biggest island of the Cyclades islands cluster with beautiful beaches and imposing mountains, combining harmonically the unlimited blue of the sea with the green landscape. The visitors should visit the island’s historical monasteries and museums, like the Archeological Museum, the Maritime Museum, the Folklife Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Andros Vacation

Moreover, the local gallery houses every year several creations of great painters and artists. For the fans of good food, we recommend our traditional omelet, the so-called fourtalia. Andros is accessible from the port of Rafina, which is only half an hour away from the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport. The ferry to Andros takes only 2 hours and there is a ferry-connection with the island three times a day. So visit our island and spend the best Andros vacation at Andros Hotel Anemos Studios.

We wish you a nice journey and unforgettable Andros holidays.

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